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Post by DawnofHope on Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:46 pm

Every forum has rules, these are the rules to this forum.

NO BULLYING. We should respect each other, not insult each other.
NO CUSSING. All your cuss words will be changed creatively under censors, but if you try to work around it you will get in trouble.
Please NO DISCUSSIONS of illegal activities including drugs, underage drinking, etc. We want this to be a safe place.
I would prefer you not discuss actual activities of sex. Mentioning sexuality and romantic life is okay but please keep try to keep vivid discussion of sexual acts out.
Please do not impersonate another person.
Do not spam.
I will allow discussions of political events and religion. If someone is caught harassing someone for their peacefully spoken views (I.E. you are an ignorant idiot for being a Christian) you will be reprimanded, not the conversation starter.

Biggest rule of all: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

If you have any rules suggestions or comments you can leave them here.

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